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              SHANGHAI XIN HU MACHINERY Co., Ltd.
              having more than 20 years history and we are a production enterprise specializing in designing and manufacturing different kinds of specially printing machines and offering good after-sales service. Our products are widely used in packaging, decoration, garment, medical and food industries for printing and making labels. The five series products include over 40 categories.
              The XH-300 Full-automatic Multi-color screen label Printing Machine(six models from 1-6 colors)is high grade equipment used in
              garment label printing industry, it can print pictures and symbols on different fabric tape materials featuring bright colored, high ink
              coverage and fastness results. The XHSW-200 Multi-color screen label printing machine also can screen print, operate it easier, small in size.
              This series machine is classical product among garment label printing machines. With resin plate being use in the machine and by means of offset process, it can complete stable, accurate, multi-color and two-sides printing on different fabric and paper tape materials at high speed, so that it is widely used in garment label printing industry. This series machines covers 5 models from 2-7 colors.
              The total numbers of the accessorial equipment are more than 20 series, which match the above mentioned 4 series machines in pre-printing and after printing stages. The pre-printing accessorial equipment are plate maker, exposure machine, screen stretching machine, unwinding machine etc. The after printing accessorial equipment include label cutter, label folding machine, label dryer and label oven. This series equipment is optional for the customers.
              This series machines are used for printing garment labels, the XHR type with 11 models from 2-8 colors is mainly used for printing garment labels. The product printed on this series machines features bright colored, high fastness and without any harmful to the operator.
              This series are small size label printing machine, have 5 types. This machine is suitable for printing self adhesive labels, garment
              labels and hangtags and we have 70% market share in China garment label printing industry.
              THE XIN HU PRODUCTS
              are covering different fields in garment label printing industry and now they are widely used not only by our domestic customers, but also by our customers in South America, East Asia Middle Asia, South Asia and Middle East. Even more Xin Hu company is now capable of providing the whole plant to the customers. Our experience will be helpful to you in improving printing quality and raising production efficiency. Your fax and E-mail will be always welcome and we will be happy to have the chance to serve you.

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